Utilizing Research Findings in Physiotherapy: A call for gap bridging

Ajediran I Bello


The relevance of research in clinical sciences is anchored on the notion to improve practice through the implementation of outcomes. However, realization of this goal remains a mirage because the purposes for which research and publication are meant have not been fully met as a result of failure to apply the results in most clinical settings. The increase in the research-practice gap calls for scrutiny with a view to suggesting a better way by which documentation from research works can be utilized effectively in physiotherapy practice. Furthermore as the clamour for evidence-based health care delivery intensifies, there is a need to review the impact of research with regard to physiotherapy practice especially in developing countries where the demands for rehabilitation services have fallen short of supply. The main focus of this paper is to appraise the need for research and the difficulties encountered in its implementation as well as to scrutinize the dichotomy between the drive for research and the utilization of its findings.


Research findings, clinical practice, gap, bridging

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