Ethics and Contextual Framework for Professional Behaviour and Code of Practice for Physiotherapists in Nigeria

Adetoyege Oyeyemi


Physiotherapists make decisions that involve ethical judgment in the course of practice and are guided by a code of professional behaviour. The purpose of this review is to elucidate decision-making in physiotherapy practice, highlight the dynamic nature of ethics, and discuss some professional behaviour expectations within the context of the Nigerian society. This paper presents the multidimensional context of ethical questions, and the philosophical and social scientific approaches to ethical decision-making. It highlights the historical evolution of ethics to a synthesis from human values, principles and empiricism, and the code of practice as a dynamic document for professional behaviour, and also offers insights into professional behaviour within the Nigerian national context. It recommends the presentation of core values in the context of national goals and societal priorities in order to give meaningful expression to professional behaviour and as a way to encourage members to strive for ideal behaviour to advance their profession, while also improving their society.


Physiotherapists, behaviour, ethics, values, programmes

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